With this concrete mix feature wall we applied the Matta plaster using a lot of direction in order to create this deeply textured, moody effect. Natural Matta is a deeply flattering and dramatic backdrop for all manner of displays, which makes it a popular plaster in hotels, commercial studios and for showcasing unique interiors pieces, as seen here.

Matta is a traditional, lime-rich product which produces a lovely chalky, matt finish. Its organic feel and rustic simplicity celebrates natural quirks and anomalies arising from the process of construction.

This type of plaster can be applied in several styles and techniques, though dark colours as seen here produce the greatest contrast in colour across the surface. The finish can be made more robust by sealing with a dead flat sealer. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas on what can be achieved with wonderful Matta.

Project Details

Plaster: Matta

Style: Wood grain

Colour: Concrete Mix