A sleek and seamless alternative to traditional kitchen tiling in cool grey Tadelakt, this Moroccan style plaster is permeable to air but impermeable to water. What’s more, its high pH value also makes it both fungicidal and anti-bacterial – ideal for a kitchen. Applied seamlessly to create a smooth surface free from all grout lines, Tadelakt plaster is also suitable for pools, bathrooms basins, spas, shower cubicles and hammams.

Tadelakt is tinted to produce intense colours reminiscent of the Moroccan landscape: the yellow ochres and burnt browns of the desert, the vermilion of Marrakech, deep cobalt blues of the Essaouira coast and the saffron yellows of the souk. We can work with almost any colour choice – take a look at our colour chart and visit our sister site to learn more.

Project Details

Plaster: Tadelakt

Colour: Silverdust